How to get 15-20 marks extra in SSC-CGL with best time management

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Time management could be an important issue that affects the general performance in SSC CGL exam. This is the thing that differentiates an honest scorer from somebody who fails to clear the cut-off. So we’ve compiled this article which is able to explain the aspirants regarding the time management tips which will help the aspirants to attain at least 20 marks extra in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam.


Time Management Tips for SSC CGL Tier-1 2016


1. Leave complicated and tough questions unanswered in the beginning

The key to effective time management is to aim those question initial that you find simple, fast to answer and are assured of. Don’t try difficult and length questions in the beginning because they consume plenty of precious time and may affect overall attempt. This attempt strategy can effectively assist you to aim minimum 5 questions extra in the SSC CGL Tier-1 exam.

2. Learn Effective Shortcuts and Tricks

You must prepare shortcuts and tricks that are effective in finding question at a faster speed. Out of all the tricks shared earlier for time saving in SSC-CGL exam, reducing calculations time in the Quant section, use approximations and learn tables and squares up to 20 is the best. These tricks can really assist you to lower your estimation and increase your overall attempt.


3. Go with a technique in Mind

Based on all the SSC CGL online mock tests you are taking before the real exam, you need to frame an exam attempt strategy in mind before appearing in the exam. Place the time to be endowed in each section and per question and your minimum targeted attempt. This may extraordinarily affect your overall performance in the exam and boost your score. Don’t be very rigid with this strategy so you will be able to change it support the difficulty level of every section in the exam.


4. Get familiar with online platform

Since the SSC has introduced online mode for Tier-I exam, now it has been necessary for the candidates to develop familiarity with the online platform. Making an attempt SSC CGL online mock tests will make easy the candidates to urge familiar with concentrating on examine for long durations and not having the choice of viewing all the questions in the meantime, and so forth. Attempt online mock test as much as you can to work on your weaker areas and enhance your overall performance. Trying online test will definitely boost your score in the Tier-1 exam. This may help you to attempt minimum 4-5 question extra in the Exam.


5. Deal with Accuracy and Speed

Candidates should attempt to improve their speed and accuracy with each attempt because these 2 factors may greatly affect overall performance within the Tier-1 Exam. You should concentrate on smartly guessing answers to avoid losing marks. Try questions of that you are fully confident and avoid losing marks through negative marking. Taking calculated risks can sure assist you to boost your score by at least 10 marks in the Tier-1 exam. Your accuracy must be 90-95%.


6. Use Reverse Engineering

In case you do not understand the answer to any question, you'll be able to review the (options/the choices) to figure out which option satisfies all the conditions mentioned in the question. You may also filter the right answer by making such intelligent guesses. This method will definitely help you to attempt minimum 3-4 extra questions in the Tier-1exam.


Follow these above Time Management tips to get 20 extra marks in the SSC CGL Tier-1 exam. Keep tuned for the most recent updates on SSC CGL Tier-1 preparation.

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